Young Activists to Combat Plastic Pollution

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On 31 Jan 2024, A  Workshop on Plastic Free School was conducted by the ICA Nepal Environment Team on 31 Jan 2024 at Arunodaya Secondary School, Arubari; Gokarneshwor. The program was facilitated by Ms. Swikriti Parajuli and Ms. Kabita Yadav where students raised strong voices to curb plastic pollution. The session was organized to promote Plastic Free Schools and teach students the importance of 3R Practices. The workshop was participated by a total of 86 students from grades 8 "A" and "B" with age groups ranging from 13 to 17.  


Kathmandu alone uses up to 4,800,000 plastic bags a day and 4,800,000 tons of this non-biodegradable material is dumped in landfill sites. Realizing the needs and present contexts, ICA Nepal believes that children play a crucial role in developing and implementing new practices if nurtured with proper knowledge and awareness, as they are the future generations who will be affected by today's impact on Climate Crisis. 


The workshops emphasized on 3R practices, Climate Change, adopting plastic alternatives, minimizing single-use plastic, and highlighting the history and disadvantages of plastic pollution along with its consumption and degradation pattern across the globe. The session comprised video sessions, in-depth reflections, and a Q&A session.  The workshop highlighted various facts and figures surrounding Plastics, and the effects of Plastic pollution in various sectors such as (microplastics in food, soil degradation, mountains, etc). The students also shared their current habits that they have been doing to minimize the use of plastic and ensure a healthy planet; every small idea was welcomed during the program.


One of the students Kiran Oli shared; "I am aware of plastic pollution in the environment, rivers, stress, and their harmful effects on human health but I am finding it difficult to implement good practices in my day-to-day life, but I now I pledge to start from myself and aware more people". Another student Jiya Bomjan shared; "I have now been reusing old plastic bottles as a pencil holder and segregate waste at home to reduce pollution".


Further, highlighting the Green School Guidelines designed by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Nepal in 2018, an in-depth sharing from both students and facilitators took place where the students mentioned that the school has formed an Eco Club but no activities have been taken place. Later, the students committed to taking small steps to lead big changes at school together. The Workshop on Plastic Free School has empowered and rooted conscious awareness among students to minimize plastic from the root level.


Students are now eager to join hands to develop Plastic-Free schools. The students were ecstatic to know that they could also be primary activists to raise awareness and minimize the single use of plastic. The session was concluded by taking group photos and thanking the school for the coordination.